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Bankruptcy Assistance: Guide to Financial Recovery in Poughkeepsie

Bankruptcy Lawyer Poughkeepsie

Located in Fishkill NY, Fakhoury Law is dedicated to assisting individuals and businesses in Poughkeepsie facing financial challenges. Recognizing the stress and uncertainty of economic distress, our firm offers a supportive path through bankruptcy, enabling you to make informed decisions for a stable financial future. 

Comprehensive Bankruptcy Services

  • Consumer Bankruptcy
    For those who find themselves face-to-face with more debt than they can fathom, consumer bankruptcy service providers are ideal for those who require legal counsel when navigating the bankruptcy process. This may result in your filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy if your bankruptcy lawyer deems it the most appropriate plan of action to alleviate outstanding debt.
  • Business Bankruptcy
    Business bankruptcy services are designed for companies that have encountered incredible financial difficulties. Professionals in this line of work assist business owners by assessing their current financial situation, exploring various debt-relief solutions, and crafting effective strategies to address the magnitude of the business-related debt.
  • Debt Relief
    Debt relief services are offered with the intention of either reducing or obliterating the burden of debt for either individuals or businesses. Those who provide debt relief services are equipped with the knowledge to pursue debt settlement negotiations, implement debt management plans, and apply for consolidation loans.
  • Creditor’s Rights
    Creditor’s rights services are designed with the interests of creditors in mind. Applicable in instances where bankruptcy proceedings are underway, creditor’s rights professionals aim to protect creditors’ rights to repayment while challenging fraudulent or preferential transfers.
  • Bankruptcy Litigation
    Bankruptcy litigation services refer to the representation of clients who are amid court proceedings related to bankruptcy matters. This may include disputes over the validity of debt claims, objections to discharges, preference actions, fraudulent conveyance claims, and other litigation stemming from active bankruptcy cases.
  • Foreclosure Defense
    Foreclosure defense services equip homeowners with legal assistance when foreclosure is a looming outcome of their current housing situation. Legal counsel in this line of work will protect your rights as a homeowner by challenging foreclosure proceedings, negotiating loan modifications, addressing forbearance agreements with lenders, and representing clients in court.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    Chapter 7 bankruptcy services assist individuals or businesses with the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing process. This tends to involve the liquidation of assets with the focus being the discharge of outstanding debts. Professionals in this area can help clients understand eligibility requirements while determining exempt assets and then filing for bankruptcy.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
    Chapter 13 bankruptcy services focus on making it easier for individuals to reorganize their debts. Professionals in the field of Chapter 13 bankruptcy assist clients who want to develop and propose repayment plans that are not only feasible but also likely to be accepted in bankruptcy court.

Contact my firm if you are interested in filing a bankruptcy in Poughkeepsie, NY (Dutchess County). Call: 845-896-5200.

Why Partner with Fakhoury Law?

  • Local Legal Insight: Fakhoury Law has a strong understanding of the legal landscape in Poughkeepsie. This Knowledge enables us to take a focused and practical approach to each case, enhancing our ability to support our clients.
  • Client-Centric Service: We recognize the uniqueness of each financial situation and emphasize personalized legal strategies, ensuring we address your specific needs and goals throughout the process.
  • A Commitment to Your New Beginning: Our aim goes beyond legal representation; we are dedicated to guiding you towards a fresh start, supporting your financial recovery and stability journey.

Your Journey Through Bankruptcy

Deciding to file for bankruptcy is a significant step, filled with questions and the need for clear guidance. Fakhoury Law is here to provide that guidance, offering clarity and support from the initial consultation through the completion of the bankruptcy process and into your financial rebuilding phase.

We Proudly Represent Poughkeepsie NY Residents In Bankruptcy Matters


Contact Fakhoury Law for Support

If you’re in Poughkeepsie or the surrounding Dutchess County area and facing the prospect of bankruptcy, Fakhoury Law in Fishkill is ready to assist. Contact us today to learn how we can help you navigate your financial challenges toward a brighter, more stable future.

At Fakhoury Law, we understand the profound impact of financial hardship. We are committed to being more than just your legal advisors. We stand by you as your advocates, dedicated to your financial recovery and long-term well-being.

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