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Let Debt Relief Attorneys Help You Navigate Your
Path to Financial Freedom

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of debt in your name? Does a way out of your
situation feel like an unobtainable solution? If so, know that you are not alone, and there is

Many people face challenges when it comes to dealing with their debt, which not only makes
them feel isolated but it leads to heightened stress, unmanageable anxiety, and total dread
when they think of their finances. However, with the guidance of a knowledgeable debt relief
attorney, you can navigate your debt in a way that leads you to financial freedom.

At the Law Firm of Michael A. Fakhoury, expert debt relief services are our specialty. Located in
Fishkill, NY, we encourage those in Dutchess County to schedule a free consultation today!
Together, we can work towards a more comfortable and stable financial future for you.

Finding Financial Freedom: Your Guide to Debt Relief

From credit cards with sky-high interest rates to overdue medical expenses with total values in
the thousands, debt can pile up for countless reasons. Dealing with debt can quickly become a
daunting and overwhelming experience, too. It can also put you in a situation where the debt
you are facing feels insurmountable.

However, despite how debt can make you feel, remind yourself that you have options. You can
overcome your debt and return to a place where peace of mind is a daily occurrence, not
financial-related stress. It all starts with retaining a debt settlement lawyer like Michael A.

Why Choose Michael A. Fakhoury For Legal Guidance With Debt

In your search for a debt relief attorney near me, the Law Firm of Michael A. Fakhoury is a
reliable source for your trustworthy debt relief representation. With years of experience in the
world of debt relief paired with his proven track record of success, Michael A. Fakhoury is a
dedicated attorney whom you can count on when you need legal guidance the most.

Not only is he thoroughly committed to providing people like you with the personalized attention
your case deserves but he will always offer unwavering support and counseling to you as his
client. When it comes to selecting the right legal representation for your debt relief needs,
Fakhoury Law Firm stands out for several reasons.

Top-Tier Commitment to Clients

As a client of Michael A. Fakhoury, you can rest assured that your needs and concerns will be
addressed from the moment you retain legal representation through his law firm. The clients of
Michael A. Fakhoury can expect personalized legal strategies specifically tailored to address
their individual debt situation and all related concerns.

Years of Expertise and Experience in the Industry

The Law Firm of Michael A. Fakhoury is home to extensive and provable experience in the
world of debt relief cases. With a deep understanding of the complex jargon and practices
involved in the legal process, Michael A. Fakhoury has a track record of successful outcomes.

Full Comprehension of New York State Laws

The Law Firm of Michael A. Fakhoury is where you will find an attorney who is well-versed and
articulate in New York State debt relief laws. The accuracy and effectiveness of Michael A.
Fakhoury’s guidance as a debt settlement attorney will help you feel supported and protected
throughout every step of the legal process.

FAQs About Debt Relief: What To Expect From Debt Settlement Attorneys

What is Debt Relief?

Debt relief is a process of addressing the amount of debt you owe. From there, debt relief
lawyers can come up with strategies or solutions that will either reduce or eliminate your total debt. From credit card debt and medical expenses to student loans and other forms of loan debt, this type of financial relief can assist with money that you owe in a wide array of contexts.

How Long Does the Debt Relief Process Typically Take?

The debt relief process is not a one-size-fits-all experience. As a result, the duration of this
process can vary based on the specifics of your situation. For instance, the amount of debt that you owe, the debt relief method that you decide to implement, and whether or not the creditors you owe are cooperative are three factors that can influence the longevity of the debt relief process. Whether you need a payment plan or you can afford to offer a lump sum to creditors will also play a role in the timeline. That said, generally speaking, debt relief programs can take anywhere from several months to a few years or more to complete.

Is Debt Relief the Same as Debt Consolidation?

Debt relief and debt consolidation are both means by which individuals can manage their debts. However, they are not the same. Debt consolidation is when you combine multiple sources of debt into single loans with lower interest rates. On the other hand, debt relief is a broader term that refers to various strategies designed to either reduce or eliminate the debt you owe altogether.

Can Debt Relief Help Me Avoid Bankruptcy?

Yes! Debt relief programs — including debt settlement companies and debt negotiations — are ways to try to evade bankruptcy. Instead of filing for bankruptcy, debt relief is an opportunity to implement alternative solutions for managing your debt.

What Happens if I Miss a Payment When Following a Debt Relief Payment Plan?

If you cannot adhere to your payment plan at any point during the debt relief process, you could face consequences. These may include penalties, like a fee, or a delay in the debt relief process by making it last longer than it otherwise would. If you find it difficult to make payments on time, communicate with your lawyer for debt settlements to explore your options before missing a payment entirely.

Let a Debt Relief Attorney Guide You Through Debt Relief

If overwhelming debt makes you feel trapped, know that there is a way out and you don’t have
to be stuck in this financial situation forever. If you’re eager to address your debt and tackle the
issues head-on, don’t wait any longer.

Instead, call (845) 896-5200 at your earliest convenience to schedule a free consultation with
the Law Firm of Michael A. Fakhoury today! Let us alleviate the isolation you feel as we help
you navigate your debt and give you the relief you need. Don’t let debt hold you back.

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