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Protect Your Home and Secure Your Future With a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

The prospect of foreclosure is undeniably frightening, especially when you have never been in a financial situation like this before and you aren’t sure what happens next. The threat of losing the place you call home is mentally taxing in and of itself, so the idea of thinking clearly and managing this stressor on your own can seem impossible.

But even though it may feel like there is nothing you can do to salvage the situation, that is not necessarily true. In times like these, having the right support and obtaining legal guidance can make all the difference. At the Law Firm of Michael A. Fakhoury, we understand the challenges that people like you are up against in the face of foreclosure, and we’re here to help you navigate the situation from beginning to end.

Let Michael A. Fakhoury Serve As Your Trusted Partner in Foreclosure Defense

Located in Fishkill, NY, the Law Firm of Michael A. Fakhoury might be able to assist you. As a law firm that serves all of Dutchess County, search for a foreclosure defense attorney near me to see if we can represent you in your foreclosure defense case.

FAQs About Foreclosure Defense in Fishkill, NY

What Are Common Reasons For Foreclosure in Dutchess County?

In Dutchess County, there are many situations that can result in foreclosure. It can occur as the result of losing your job unexpectedly,facing medical expenses that you couldn’t have planned for, filing for a divorce from your spouse,or experiencing other financial hardships that make it difficult to continue paying mortgages or upholding payments toward mortgage modifications.

How Long Does the Foreclosure Process Take in New York State?

On average, the foreclosure process lasts upwards of 445 days in New York State according to the New York State Department of Financial Services. However,this number is an estimate. Your experience could be shorter or longer depending on the specifics of your foreclosure case.

Do I Need an Attorney To File For Foreclosure?

We understand why some people might be considering the idea of representing themselves in their foreclosure case. After all, legal counsel can be expensive to retain, especially if your caseis long-lasting.

However, while it is possible to represent yourself amid foreclosure proceedings,an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer can significantly increase your chances of success.With an attorney by your side, you can rest assured that your legal rights are upheld as you navigate the complexities of the justice system.

A lawyer also has the means to advocate on your behalf and negotiate a favorable resolution with your lenders. Lawyers can be flexible, so if costs are a concern, reach out to a foreclosure defense attorney to discuss a payment plan.

When Should I Consider Hiring a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer?

At the very latest, you should consider hiring a foreclosure defense lawyer as soon as you are notified of an impending foreclosure case. Even better,it is wise to hire a foreclosure defense attorney as soon as you realize that you might have trouble making your upcoming mortgage payments on time.

The sooner you reach out to legal counsel, the sooner your attorney can assess your situation,explore potential defenses, and provide guidance on the most proactive course of foreclosureactions so that you can actively protect your home.

Can a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer Help Me Stay in My Home?

Yes! A defense attorney with experience handling foreclosure defense cases can help you explore your options when you are facing foreclosure, including ones where the outcome is that you can stay in your home. In other words,foreclosure lawyers can help clients save their homes.

In order for you to stay in your home, the law firm of defense attorneys will take measures to negotiate with lenders on your behalf. Some attorneys will strive to obtain a loan modification.They can also help you pursue a repayment plan or file for bankruptcy with the goal of putting a pause on foreclosure proceedings so that you have time to restructure your debt.

Schedule a Free Consultation For Your Foreclosure Case Today!

If you’re facing foreclosure and finding yourself in need of legal assistance, reach out to the Law Firm of Michael A. Fakhoury to schedule a free consultation today! It’s a step worth taking when you want to protect your home and secure your living situation.

You don’t have to lose your home. With proper legal advocacy, you can stop foreclosure instead. Just know that time is of the essence, so don’t wait any longer. Defense attorneys like Michael A. Fakhoury are here to help you every step of the way, and we’re only a phone call away!

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