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Seek Justice For Personal Injury Victims With Slip and Fall Lawyer Michael A. Fakhoury

Are you facing overwhelming expenses after a slip and fall accident? Do you have medical bills keeping you up at night? Have you lost wages as a result of a slip and fall injury? 

Slip and fall accidents often cause physical, financial, and emotional distress. However, the good news is that you don’t have to manage your pain and suffering alone. Instead, let a slip and fall attorney support you with your personal injury case.

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In your search for a personal injury attorney, you might have found yourself searching for a slip and fall lawyer near me online. Located in Fishkill, NY, slip and fall accident lawyer Michael A. Fakhoury services the greater Dutchess County area. Let our team at the law firm of Michael A. Fakhoury assist you with your slip and fall case.

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At Michael A. Fakhoury’s firm, my commitment to my clients sets me apart from the rest. When you approach me with a desire for representation in a slip and fall case, I tailor my services and create a personalized approach to ensure that your situation receives the attention and support that you deserve. My experience in slip and fall cases, coupled with my lengthy track record of successful outcomes, demonstrates my dedication to achieving justice for my clients.

FAQs About Slip and Fall Cases

Are you wondering how an attorney can help you with your slip and fall case in New York State? Let’s take a close look at the most frequently asked questions regarding slip and fall cases.

What is a slip and fall accident in New York State?

According to New York State law, a slip and fall accident is defined as an incident where an individual falls due to unsafe and dangerous conditions. Slip and fall accidents can occur on both private and public property.

What are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents?

There is no one-size-fits-all cause of slip and fall injuries. There are many conditions that can result in a slip and fall accident, including but not limited to the following:

When do slip and fall accidents happen?

Slip and fall accidents occur when pedestrians trip and fall on sidewalks, customers trip and fall inside businesses, or people trip and fall on private property. No matter the specific details, slip and fall accidents happen when negligent property owners fail to maintain a safe environment and dangerous conditions result in personal injury incidents.

What happens if I have medical bills from a slip and fall injury?

In many cases, if you have medical bills stemming from a slip and fall incident, you as the injured party are responsible for your medical bills. However, if the liability falls on the property owner, then he or she will usually pay your medical expenses. That said, in order to keep your best interest in mind, reach out to a personal injury attorney who can help you understand your rights according to the specifics of your incident.

Does an insurance company cover slip and fall accidents?

Whether or not an insurance company will cover your slip and fall accident depends on the specifics of your case. In situations where negligent property owners are at fault for your injuries or property damage, an insurance company will cover the costs of your slip and fall incident. However, the details are complex and the outcome will be based on your specific situation.

Are slip and fall accidents always fatal?

Thankfully, slip and fall accidents are not always fatal. Unfortunately, there are incidents where fatalities arise from slip and fall injuries, but that’s why it’s imperative that you seek medical treatment if you are the victim of a slip and fall accident.

If someone slips and falls on my private property in New York State, am I liable?

Before you can be deemed liable for a slip and fall accident on your private property, the injured party must file a lawsuit against you within the statute of limitations. In New York State, the statute of limitations for slip and fall accidents is three years. If you are facing a slip and fall lawsuit, hire an attorney who specializes in personal injuries with an emphasis on slip and fall accidents.

What happens if I slip and fall on a public sidewalk in Dutchess County?

If you slip and fall on a sidewalk in Dutchess County, New York, contact personal injury lawyers as soon as possible. You might be entitled to open a slip and fall case. Upon hiring a personal injury lawyer, your counsel will look into whether or not the Dutchess County property owner was aware that the sidewalk was in poor or dangerous condition prior to your incident. From there, your attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Is comparative negligence applicable in slip and fall cases?

In New York State, it is possible for property owners or insurance providers to argue that you are liable for the personal injury incident. Known as comparative negligence, this is an effort on part of the accused party to place the responsibility for the incident on you. With an experienced slip and fall lawyer on your side, your attorney can defend you against comparative negligence claims.

When should I reach out to slip and fall lawyers?

You should reach out to slip and fall lawyers as soon as you recognize that you have sustained physical or property damage after slipping and falling on private or public property. In your quest for a personal injury lawyer, you might find yourself searching for a slip and fall lawyer near me online. Slip and fall lawyers like the Michael A. Fakhoury law firm are just a phone call away.

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